Xiamen University (by Lukacs via Wikimedia Commons)

A Chinese university professor has been dismissed after he posted comments on Weibo calling China an ‘inferior nation’ and criticizing Chinese society.

Zhou Yunzhong (周运中) was an assistant professor of history at the University of Xiamen, a city in southern China. Zhou was fired due to a post he had uploaded on China’s micro-blogging website Weibo.

In the post Zhou wrote: “Chinese people mostly excel in lying, falsifying accounts and signing fraudulent contracts. It really is the most inferior nation.” He also wrote that he doesn’t allow his children to go and eat outside, because “Chinese people love to poison their compatriots.”

On August 1 Xiamen University fired Zhou for “distorting Chinese historical reality, harming the image of the Party and the country, hurting the feeling’s of the Chinese people, crossing the red line of teachers’ ethics and work style, and exerting a bad influence on society” (歪曲历史事实,损害党和国家形象,伤害国人感情,逾越师德师风底线,在社会上造成了极坏影响).

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