Joshua Wong (image by VOA via Wikimedia Commons)

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has been arrested by police, according to a statement released by his party Demosisto.

“Demosisto secretary general Joshua Wong was arrested at roughly 7:30 this morning en route to the South Horizons MTR station, when he was suddenly pushed into a private car on the street. He has now been escorted to the police headquarters in Wan Chai on the basis of three charges. We will continue to follow the incident. Our lawyers are working on this case,” Demosisto wrote on its Facebook page.

Born in 1996, just one year before Great Britain handed Hong Kong over to the People’s Republic of China, Joshua Wong was one of the leaders of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. After he was arrested and sentenced to two months in prison for his involvement in the protests, he was released last June after serving one month of his sentence.

Soon after his release he took part in the demonstrations against the controversial extradition bill which would allow the Chinese Communist regime to request the extradition of individuals from Hong Kong and put them on trial in mainland China.

In July Hong Kong protesters released five demands to the Hong Kong government:

  • a full withdrawal of a proposed bill that would allow Hong Kong people to be extradited to mainland China
  • a retraction of any characterization of the movement as a “riot”
  • a retraction of charges against anti-extradition protesters
  • an independent committee to investigate the Hong Kong police’s use of force
  • universal suffrage in elections for the city’s chief executive officer and legislature by 2020

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