Fudan University, Guanghua Building (by 谢宇杰 via Wikimedia Commons)

A mathematics professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, reportedly murdered a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary to settle a personal score.

On June 7 at around 3 p.m., Jiang Wenhua (姜文华), a 39-year-old associate professor at Fudan Department of Mathematics, murdered the faculty’s CCP secretary, Wang Yongzhen (王永珍).

According to the Liberty Times, the department had decided to fire Jiang for poor performance. Jiang allegedly harboured personal resentment against the 49-year-old Wang.

Jiang was apprehended by police at the scene and confessed to the crime. He stated that he had been “framed and treated badly” by Wang for years. He had bought a knife on the internet and had come directly from his home to kill Wang, which he did by cutting his throat with the knife.

CCP secretaries are appointed to universities to ensure teachers’ and students’ loyalty to the Party.

Jiang’s name still appears on search results for Fudan’s Department of Mathematics, but the web page is currently “under maintenance”.

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