Neo-Democrats logo (fair use via Wikimedia Commons)

On Saturday (June 26) Hong Kong’s pro-democracy party Neo-Democrats (新民主同盟) announced its disbandment, citing the worsening political environment under the National Security Law (NSL).

In a Facebook post, the group said that Hong Kong has undergone drastic changes over the past two years and the political environment now is much worse than before.

The party stated that after the introduction of the NSL some of its former members are in jail, and that public officials are now required to take an oath of allegiance.

The disbandment of the party was decided at a meeting of its district councillors last week.

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The Neo-Democrats were founded in October 2010 by former members of the Democratic Party who wanted to pursue a more confrontational policy towards the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.

In March, Party founder Gary Fan Kwok-wai (范國威) announced his resignation from the party and his intention to quit politics while sitting in jail on charges of subverting the state under the NSL. He had served as a district councillor for over 20 years.

Neo-Democrats Tsuen Wan district councillor Roy Tam Hoi-pong (譚凱邦) and Sai Kung district council chairman Ben Chung Kam-lun (鍾錦麟) were also among the 53 pro-democracy activists and politicians arrested on January 6 under the NSL.

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