Foreign National Attacked on Taipei Metro

According to reports, today (17/02) a fight broke out between a Taiwanese worker and a foreigner from Namibia. The clash erupted at around 17:00 local time at Hongshulin Station (紅樹林站), on Taipei Metro Line 2. Apparently the fight started because of a queuing dispute when the passengers boarded the train. The worker allegedly hit the foreigner … Continue reading Foreign National Attacked on Taipei Metro

Taiwan – Kaohsiung Prison Drama

On February 11 Taiwan's society was shocked by the events that unfolded in Kaohsiung prison, where 6 inmates rebelled and took staff members hostage. This was the first prison riot in Taiwan's history. This drama highlighted not only Taiwan's need to reform its prison management system, but also the existence of a grey zone between legality … Continue reading Taiwan – Kaohsiung Prison Drama